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Camembert n : rich soft creamy French cheese

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see camembert


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  1. A village in Basse-Normandie, France, famous for being the place where camembert cheese was invented.

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Camembert is a commune located in the Orne département of the Basse-Normandie région in France. It is most famous as the place where Camembert cheese originated. As of 1999, its population was 199.
Camembert has been called "The largest small village in France." This is because the area of the commune itself is out of proportion to the center of the village which consists of the Cheese Museum (in the shape of a Camembert cheese), the Town Hall (Mairie), the Church of St Anne, the Ferme Président (a museum), Beamoncel (the house where Marie Harel, the founder of Camembert cheese lived) and 3 other small houses. The rest of the commune is scattered over 2500 acres.

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